During the last 15 years, my activism tended to focus on LGBTQ issues in the greater NYC area. It matters to me that LGBTQ people, especially those facing multiple oppressions, have a safe place to live and to exist. Part of that incorporates my own immigrant and working-class family and queer kinship networks. As a lesbian, agender parent to gender non-conforming children and as a mentor to young LGBTQ people, I work hard to educate mainstream society about how we must make space for difference and address parental abandonment, hostile public spaces, and institutional discrimination. At the moment, some of the organizations that I would like everyone to support are the Ali Fourney Center, Planned Parenthood, FIERCE, Callen-Lorde, and No Disrespect. Online, please support The Feminist Wire in doing intersectional work.  

In the past three years, I began to be much more involved with expressly anti-racist and cross-movement organizing, which is why I support Black Lives Matter, especially as the movement demands action on behalf of cis women and trans people, and any activism that interrogates white privilege and white power. As a result, much of my pedagogy and feminist scholar-activism aims to eliminate white supremacy, legacies of colonialism and contemporary forms of imperialism. Because I am raising three white children, it is paramount to me that I mother in a way that disturbs what my children learn in school and from their peers so that they join me for many actions and develop an activism of their own. As an academic, it is paramount for me to be a visible and vocal member of the LGBTQ community in the classroom and in the academy, especially as I focus on improving life for transgender academics.