Curriculum vitae




Visiting Assistant Professor, 2019-2020, Sociology, Farmingdale State College.

Introduction to Sociology, Urban Sociology. 5/5 load.

Visiting Assistant Professor, 2017-2018, Sociology, Drew University

Introduction to Sociology, Introduction to LGBTQ studies, Sociology of Aging, Social Problems, and Gender & Health. 3/3 load.




PhD in Sociology, 2019, CUNY Graduate Center.

Certificate: Women’s Studies; Concentration: LGBTQ Studies


Dissertation: Everyday Violence: Catcalling, LGBTQ-Directed Aggression in the Public Sphere (Chair: Phil Kasinitz).


MPhil in Sociology, 2014, CUNY Graduate Center.

MA in Sociology, 2014, Brooklyn College.

Master's in Public Health, 2008, New York University.

BA in Biology, 2006, New York University.



Sex & Gender, Race & Ethnicity, Sexualities, LGBTQ Studies, Urban Sociology.




Kolysh, Simone. 2017. Straight Gods, White Devils: Exploring Paths to Non-Religion in the Lives of Black LGBTQ People. Secularism and

Nonreligion 6:2. DOI


Book Chapters

Kolysh, Simone. 2018. “Neither Queer Nor There: Becoming a Raging Lesbian Scholar” in Negotiating the Emotional Challenges of Doing Deeply      

Personal Research eds Alexandra C.H. Nowakowski and J.E. Sumerau. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Publishing Group.    


Kolysh, Simone. 2016. “Transgender Movements in the United States” in The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies eds Nancy

Naples et. al. London: Wiley- Blackwell. DOI: 10.1002/9781118663219.wbegss759.


Book Reviews

Kolysh, Simone. 2013. Book review of Khiara M. Bridges, Reproducing Race: An Ethnography of Pregnancy as a Site of Racialization. Social

Problems Forum: SSSP Newsletter 44(3):12.


Kolysh, Simone. 2013. Unsigned review of Jenny Sunden and Malin Sveningsson, Gender and Sexuality in Online Games: Passionate Play. Contemporary

Sociology 42(1):137-8.


Online Publications

Kolysh, Simone. 2016. On Grief As Pedagogy. The Feminist Wire.

Kolysh, Simone. 2016. Queer Bowls: On Mothering as Failure, Healing and Survival. Write Where It Hurts.

Kolysh, Simone. 2016. Of Children Born: The Journey of an Agender Lesbian Mother. Write Where It Hurts.


Under Previous Name (Alena Kolychkina)

Hannan, R., J. Koenkhe, S. Bradu, A. Kolychkina, J. Khutoretskaya, A. Jones, P.C. Nemes, M.R. Pincus, and J. Michl. 2002. “PaCa-Ag1: Isolation and cloning of a marker for pancreatic cancer.” Molecular Biology of the Cell13: S137a.

Hannan, R., S.M. Bradu, J.R. Jagdeo, B.Sang, A.Kolychkina, J. Saukin, J.S. Jagdeo, P.C. Nemes, J.Koenkhe, B. Sharf, M.R. Pincus and J. Michl. 2002. “Pancreatic cancer associated antigen: Novel diagnostic and therapeutic gateway.” Proceedings American Association Cancer Research 43:84.

Michl J., M.R. Pincus, C. Hyuhn, M. Kanovsky, L-y. Bao, S. Bradu, B. Sang, J. Jagdeo, J. Saukin, R. Hannan, A. Kolychkina, and B. Sharf. 2002. “The mdm-2 peptide PNC-28 of the binding domain of p53 is a potent inhibitor of carcinoma cells in vivo as shown in a novel pancreatic carcinoma model.” European Journal of Cancer 38: S155.



2008                  Queens Library Healthink Project, Research Assistant, PI: Bruce Rapkin, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

2008                  Data Collector, Center for Health and Public Service Research, New York University.

2006-7               Data Collector, Child and Family Policy Center, New York Univeristy.

2004-6               Research Assistant, PI: David Fitch, Biology Department, New York University.

2000-2               Research Assistant, PI: Josef Michl, PhD, Department of Pathology, SUNY Downstate Medical Center.


fellowships and grants (TOTAL: $136,414)


Student Forum Travel Award, American Sociological Association, 2018, $250.

ESS Travel Grant, Eastern Sociological Society, 2017, $200.

Quantitative Reasoning Fellowship, Kingsborough Community College, 2016-17, $23,000.

Duberman-Zal Fellowship, Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies, 2016, honorable mention.

Doctoral Student Research Grant, CUNY Graduate Center, 2016, $1000.

ESS Travel Grant, Eastern Sociological Society, 2016, $400.

Doctoral Student Research Grant, CUNY Graduate Center, 2014, $1000.

Provost’s Summer Research Award, CUNY Graduate Center, 2014, $4000.

Quantitative Reasoning Fellowship, City College, 2013-14, $20,801.

Conference Presentation Support Fund, CUNY Graduate Center, 2015, $300.

National Women’s Studies Association Lesbian Caucus Scholarship, 2014, $500.

Conference Presentation Support Fund, CUNY Graduate Center, 2013, $300.

Ernesto Malave Merit Scholarship, CUNY University Student Senate, 2012, $1000.

ADJ-CET Professional Development Fund, Professional Staff Congress, 2012, $410.

Tuition Remission, CUNY Graduate Center, 2011-16, $23,040.

Federal Work Study Award, CUNY Graduate Center, 2012-16, $28,002.

Dean K. Harrison Award, CUNY Graduate Center, 2012-14, $11,000.

University Fellowship Award, CUNY Graduate Center, 2013, $4950.

Graduate Assistantship B Award, CUNY Graduate Center, 2011-12, $16, 261.



Visiting Assistant Professor 

Drew University (2017-2018)

Introduction to Sociology

Introduction to LGBTQ Studies

Sociology of Aging

Social Problems

Gender & Health


Adjunct Professor

Brooklyn College (2012-2019)

Introduction to Women’s Studies

Introduction to LGBTQ Studies

Women’s Sexualities 

Parenting & Gender

Aging in America 


Adjunct Professor

Lehman College (2015-2018)

Sociology of Gender

The Aged in Modern Society                                             

Urban Sociology 


Adjunct Professor

Metropolitan College of New York (2015)

Social and Developmental Psychology: The Family                 


Adjunct Professor

Fashion Institute of Technology (2013-2015)

Introduction to Sociology 

Cross-Cultural Studies


Adjunct Professor

Queens College (2012)

Human Sexuality


Adjunct Professor

Borough of Manhattan Community College (2011-2013)

Introduction to Sociology


Teaching Assistant (Graduate)

CUNY Graduate Center (2012-2016)

Quantitative Research Methods, Urban Education 

Statistics I and II, Sociology 



2019               “Flipping The Script: Centering Transgender Students in the Classroom." Panel Session. Eastern Sociological Society Annual

                         Meeting. Boston, MA.

2019               “Surviving and Thriving on the Academic Job Market." Workshop Participant. Eastern Sociological Society Annual Meeting

                         Boston, MA.

2019               “Redefining Violence: Thinking Through Daily Interactions as Oppression." 21st Annual Women’s History Conference. Sarah

                         Lawrence College. Bronxville, NY.

2018               “Rethinking Violence: Theorizing Daily Interactions and Geographies of Oppression." American Sociological Association Sexualities

                         Pre-Conference- Sexualities, Race, and Empire: Resistance in Uncertain Times. Philadelphia, PA.

2018               “Mental Health and Emotional Labor in Academia." Workshop Participant.

                         American Sociological Association Annual Meeting. Philadelphia, PA.

2018               “Neither Queer Nor There: Becoming a Raging Lesbian Scholar." Paper Session.

                         American Sociological Association Annual Meeting. Philadelphia, PA.

2018               “Teaching as Women and Trans Folks in an Era of 'Alternative Facts.'"

                         Eastern Sociological Society Annual Meeting. Baltimore, MD.

2018               “Living to Tell: Strategies for Successfully Navigating the Perils of Graduate School" Workshop Participant.

                         Eastern Sociological Society Annual Meeting. Baltimore, MD.

2018               “Toxciscity: Exploring Violence Against Transgender People in the Public Sphere."

                         Eastern Sociological Society Annual Meeting. Baltimore, MD.

2017               “Straight Gods, White Devils: Exploring Paths to Non-Religion in the Lives of Black LGBTQ People.” Thematic Roundtable on Race &

                         Urban Development. American Sociological Association Annual Meeting. Montreal, Canada.

2017              "What Collegiality? Applying Intersectionality to our Many Academic Battles.Sociologists for Women in Society Summer Meeting.    

                         Montreal, Canada.

2017              “'You Should Follow Me on Tumblr': On the Pedagogical Utility of Popular Culture and Social Media Platforms.” Panel. Eastern

                         Sociological Society Annual Meeting. Philadelphia, PA. 

2016               “Intersectionality as Intervention: Decentering Whiteness in the College Classroom.” 7th Annual Diversity in Research and Practice

                         Conference. Teacher’s College, Columbia University. New York, NY. Also presented at Academic Vulnerabilities: A DSC Conference on

                         Diversity. The CUNY Graduate Center. New York, NY.

2016                “Building a Meta-Queer Methodology: On Queer Ruptures and Procedures in Social Inquiry.” Refereed Roundtables. American

                          Sociological Association Annual Meeting. Seattle, WA.

2016               “Drying ‘White Tears’: Interrogating Whiteness and Combating Racism in a Multiracial Classroom” (panel) and “Surviving Graduate

                         School: The Ups and Downs of Doing ‘Mesearch’ on Marginalized Populations” (workshop). Eastern Sociological Society Annual Meeting.

                         Boston, MA.

2016                "Surviving Graduate School: The Ups and Downs of Doing 'Mesearch' on Marginalized Populations." Workshop. Eastern Sociological

                         Society Annual Meeting. Boston, MA.

2016                 “Straight Gods, White Devils: On the Role of Christianity in Black Queer Lives.” Sociologists for Women in Society Winter Meeting.

                           Memphis, TN.

2015                 “Can We Be Queer Here? The Formations and Extinctions of Queer Women’s Sexualities.” Refereed Roundtables. American Sociological

                           Association Annual Meeting. Chicago, IL.

2015                 “I Found My Gender Outside: Effects of Cat Calling and LGBTQ-Directed Microaggressions and Harassment on the Streets of NYC.”

                           Sociologists for Women in Society Winter Meeting. Washington, D.C.

2014                 “Cat-Calling as Heterosexual Norm: An Ethnographic Study of Men that Cat-Call” and “Foglet Feminism: Keeping Intersectionality in

                           Tension with Assemblage and Learning from Utility Fog. Refereed Roundtables. American Sociological Association Annual Meeting.

                           San Francisco, CA.

2014                 “From the Cat-Call to the Slur: How Gender and Sexuality are Shaped by the Streets.” Queering the Quotidian: Differential and Contested

                           Spaces Within Neoliberalism Symposium. The Society for Radical Geography, Spatial Theory, and Everyday Life. Georgia State

                           University, Atlanta, GA.

2013                 “An Intersectional Critique of Dabhoiwala’s Origins of Sex and the Slutwalk Phenomenon” and “On Foglets, Storms and Feminisms:

                           Learning from Utility Fog, Occupy Wall Street and the OccupySandy Response.” Annual Women & Society Conference. Marist College,

                           Poughkeepsie, NY.

2013                 “No Disrespect: Talking to Cat-Callers on the Streets of New York.” Paper presented at Critical Dialogue: Contesting Gender Presentation

                           session. Society for the Study of Social Problems 2013 Annual Meeting. New York, NY.

2013                “That Which Makes Gender: How Race, Class and Sexuality Shape Lives of Black Transgender/Gender-Variant People in the U.S.” Eastern

                          Sociological Society Annual Meeting. New York, NY.

2012                “Theorizing Gender Presents and Futures” and “Gendered While Black: An Historical Analysis of Black Gender ‘Deviance.’” Annual

                          Women & Society Conference. Marist College. Poughkeepsie, NY.

2012                  "Interdisciplinary Beyond Discipline" and "Techknowledgies - a Seminar Inquiry into the Politics and Practice of Pedagogy in an Era of

                           Enhanced Techno-Fetishism in Higher Education." Cultural Studies Association Meeting. San Diego, CA.

invited TALKs


2019                 "Breaking Down Binaries: Sex, Gender, and Sexuality 101.” American Association of Physics Teachers Summer Meeting. Provo, UT.

2019                 "Commute of Power and Oppression: Teaching Intersectionality Across the Curriculum.” American Association of Physics Teachers

Summer Meeting. Provo, UT.

2019                 "Drying ‘White Tears:’ Interrogating Whiteness and Racism in a Multiracial Classroom." American Association of Physics Teachers

Summer Meeting. Provo, UT.

2019                 "Chasing Objectivity, Failing at Diversity: Physics and its Discontents.” American Association of Physics Teachers Summer Meeting.

Provo, UT.

2018                 "Commute of Power and Oppression: Teaching Intersectionality Across the Curriculum.” Roberta S. Matthews Center for Teaching.

Brooklyn College. Brooklyn, NY.

2018                 "Who are we Teaching? How do we Teach? A Conversation about Intersectionality.” Brooklyn College LGBTQ Resource Center.

Brooklyn, NY.

2018                 "Gender and Sexuality 101." Workshop facilitator. GEMS: Girls Education and Mentoring Services. New York, NY.

2017                 "Teaching Intersectionality." Workshop Facilitator. Borderlands: A Critical Graduate Symposium. University of Connecticut. Storrs, CT.

2016                 “Plenary Session: LGBTQ Scholarship After Marriage” After Marriage: The Future of LGBTQ Politics and  

                           Scholarship Conference. Plenary Moderator. John Jay College of Criminal Justice. New York, NY.

2016                 “On The Path to Inclusion: Breaking Down LGBT Identities.” U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical 

                           Defense. Baltimore, MD.

2016                “When Borders Collapse: On Marginality in Academia.” Borderlands: A Critical Graduate Symposium. University of

                          Connecticut. Storrs, CT.

2016                “City As Methodology.” Sociology Doctoral Student Conference: Shifting Boundaries, Enacting Change. Plenary Participant.

                          The CUNY Graduate Center. New York, NY.

2015                “Managing Classroom Discussion of Hot Button Topics.” 4th Annual Purposeful Pedagogy Workshop. Co-Facilitator. The CUNY

                          Graduate Center. New York, NY.

2014                “Raising Feminist, Gender-Critical Children.” May Day Free University. New York, NY.

2013                “An Introduction to Intersectionality and Queer Terminology.”  LGBTQ Studies Workshop Series. Brooklyn College. 

                          Brooklyn, NY.

2013                “Feminism and Parenting: A Workshop for Parents, Caregivers and Allies.” Co-Facilitator. A Scholar & a Feminist Conference. 

                          Barnard Center for Research on Women. New York, NY.

2013                "’Self’: Time Management and Preparing to teach Challenging Issues (like LGBT, Race, etc.) as an Activist (or Not).” Co-Facilitator. 2nd

                          Annual Purposeful Pedagogy Workshop. The CUNY Graduate Center. New York, NY.

press & interviews


2016                  Othman, Sabrin. Black Solidarity Day. The Kingsman.

2016                  Interview: Simone Kolysh AM2016 #DoingSociology. ASA.

2016                  Interview: Simone Kolysh on Activist Pedagogy.

2015                  Brown, Sarah. Should a Syllabus Ever Tell Students What to Say?

2015                  Anderson, Leigh. Don’t Tell My Toddler She Looks Like Mae West.

2014                  Anderson, Leigh. Street Harassment Has Created a New Gender.


professional development


2017                 Active Learning Institute. Lehman-BCC HIS-STEM Pathways to Success. Lehman College. Bronx, NY.

2016                 Teaching Writing Across the Disciplines! Writing Across the Curriculum's Two-Day Institute. Lehman College. Bronx, NY.



2011                  American Sociological Association, Section: Sex & Gender, Sexualities, Racial & Ethnic Minorities, Community

                          & Urban Sociology, Teaching & Learning.

2013                  Eastern Sociological Society.

2014                  Sociologists for Women in Society.

2018                  Association of Black Sociologists.



2018-19           Dissertation Proposal Support Representative, Sociology, CUNY Grad Center. 

2018-19           Sociology Program Student Academic Appeals Officer, CUNY Grad Center. 

2018               "Trans Identities and Issues" session organizer. ESS Meeting. Baltimore, MD.

2018               "Gender & The City" session co-organizer. ESS Meeting. Baltimore, MD.

2018               "Living to Tell: Strategies for Successfully Navigating Perils of Graduate School" workshop organizer. ESS Meeting. Baltimore, MD. 

2017-18           Supporting Trans and Non-Binary Scholars Committee, Sociologists for Trans Justice. 

2017                Manuscript Reviewer, American Journal of Sociology; Violence and Gender

2017-18           Chair, Sociologists' LGBTQ Caucus, ASA.

2017-19           Co-Chair, Committee on Gender Equity, ESS.

2016-18           Student Representative, Committee on Research, Graduate Council, CUNY Grad Center.

2016-17           Student Representative, Community and Urban Sociology Section, ASA.

2012-16           Student Representative (Sociology), Graduate Council, CUNY Grad Center.

2015-16           Member, Faculty Membership Committee, Sociology, CUNY Grad Center.

2015-16           Programming Committee Co-Chair, Planning Committee Member, Sociology Doctoral Student

                        Conference: Shifting Boundaries, Enacting Change, CUNY Grad Center.

2014-16           Member, Student Sociological Association, Sociology, CUNY Grad Center.

2013                "Gender, Education, and Knowledge" roundtable presider. Eastern Sociological Society Annual Meeting. New York, NY.



2009-11            Patient Navigator, Department of Patient and Family Services, American Cancer Society, Brooklyn, NY. Maintained a caseload of 50

                         cancer patients per week; processed applications for financial help resulting in over $750,000 obtained aid.


2009                 SPARK Program Coordinator, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Conducted citywide site visits, oversaw site recruitment

                         and organized workshops for staff on physical activity.



2011                 Steering Committee Member, Queer Commons.

                         Planned and ran free educational events for LGBTQ people of NYC.


2010                 Transgender Programming Workgroup Member, Brooklyn Community Pride Center.

                         Attended BCPC's Transgender Programming Workgroup and planned programming.


2008                  Intern, Triangle Project, Cape Town, South Africa.

                          Conducted literature review and created educational materials focused on female-to-female HIV transmission and safe sex practices

                          between same-sex couples for use in organizational outreach activity.


2008                  Intern, Care for the Homeless, NYC.

                          Worked with Director of Policy, received an overview of coalition work, collaborative partnerships and policy decision-makers.

                          Conducted research and literature reviews on housing reform and the Housing First initiative.


2004-6              Volunteer, Saint Vincent Medical Center.

                          Contributed 400 hours as part of the pre-health service and learning rotation program.


2002-8               Outspoken Peer Educator, New York University LGBTQ Office.

                          Planned and facilitated training, outreach and advocacy to more than 1000 staff and students, co-ran Pride Month, directed Diva Ball and

                          coordinated 40 peer educators.



Languages: proficient in conversational and written Russian.



Professor Phil Kasinitz

Department of Sociology

The Graduate Center, CUNY,

365 5th Avenue

New York, NY 10016



Professor Jonathan Reader

Department of Sociology

Drew University 

36 Madison Avenue

Madison, NJ 07940



Professor Matt Brim

Department of English

College of Staten Island

2800 Victory Blvd.

Staten Island, NY 10314



Professor Prudence Cumberbatch

Department of Africana Studies

 Brooklyn College

2900 Bedford Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11210